University of Liège Philosophy Department

Center for Phenomenological Research

6th Creph Annual Seminar 2012: Subjective Experience - Phenomenological Approaches to Phenomenal Consciousness

University of Liège, 23-27 April 2012


Phenomenology historically constituted itself, already in the 18th and especially in the late 19th century, as a theory of appearance, of subjective experience, as opposed to "objective" sciences. As phenomenologists, Brentano, Stumpf, Husserl and his pupils, Gestalt psychologists were engaged in a unique task, namely that of describing and theorizing phenomenal consciousness. The idea of a theory of phenomenal consciousness, which until recently seemed to have been vanquished by logical empiricism, behaviorism, and naturalism, stands in the foreground of current research in the philosophy of mind. Not only does it give rise to a prolific literature in philosophy and psychology, but it has also become, with Thomas Nagel, one of the central philosophical issues of our time, and the ultimate test for the naturalist paradigm currently dominant in the philosophy of mind. The seminar will address some aspects of phenomenal consciousness, on the basis of the current debates in the philosophy of mind, Austro-German phenomenology (including Brentano and Husserl), and French philosophy.

The two following questions will be discussed:

  1. The nature of phenomenal consciousness, especially its relationship to intentionality, inner perception, and introspection.
  2. The possibility and difficulties of a theory of phenomenal consciousness.

The research seminar in phenomenology is an activity of the FNRS Doctoral School. Organized over a whole week, it aims at stimulating collaborative research, open to original contributions from Belgian and foreign researchers and academics.

Invited speakers:

Room: Monday and Friday: Professors Room (Building A1, 1st floor). Tuesday to Thursday: Philosophy Department Meeting Room (Building A1, 3rd floor).

Organizing Committee

F. Boccaccini, M. Coratolo, A. Dewalque, M. Gyemant, B. Leclercq, D. Seron.


A. Dewalque: a.dewalque[at] • D. Seron: d.seron[at] • Tel. +32 (0)4 366 55 92 or +32 (0)4 366 55 93.

The seminar is free of charge and open to the public without registration.

Practical details

The seminar will take place from April 23 to 27, at the University of Liège (Belgium).

Registration is not required for attendance. At the participant's request, the Philosophy Department will issue a certificate which can be used for doctoral certification (ECTS).

Proposals (title and abstract) should be sent to Denis Seron (d.seron[at] by December 31, 2011. Please use only the electronic submission form. Acceptance or refusal will be notified by January 15.

The languages of the seminar are French and English.

The Doctoral School does not cover the accommodation and travel costs of the CFP speakers. Information on accommodation is available.