University of Liège Philosophy Department

Center for Phenomenological Research

Workshop on introspection with Maja Spener

June 28-30, 2022. Convento del Bigorio (Switzerland)

Organized by the University of Fribourg within the frame of the Fribourg/Liège research project "The Phenomenology of Mental States"

Tu 28 June

Introspective inquiry and history of psychology (Chap. 1-3)

Session 1: The framework for evaluation and the problem of self-observation
Session 2: The phenomenological method (esp. sect. 2.3)

Wed 29 June

Introspective access (Chap. 7)

Session 3: Inner attention
Session 4: Inner apprehension and retrospection

Thu 30 June

Introspective access (Chap. 8-9)

Session 5: Introspective knowledge

Introspective inquiry (Chap. 6)

Session 6: Global versus local reliability