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Center for Phenomenological Research

About us

Founded in 2001 and today attached to the "Traverses" research unit, the Center for Phenomenological Research (Creph) gathers researchers working in the fields of phenomenology and aesthetics. Its main purpose is to promote research in these fields in a spirit of oppenness to other traditions and disciplines. This mission includes organizing scientific events of an international scope, supporting PhD (, incl. in aesthetics) and postdoctoral researchers, hosting visiting researchers, and research project coordination.

Creph hosts a research group in aesthetics and a team devoted to Brentano studies (BReT). It has also been publishing, since 2005, the open-access e-journal Bulletin d'analyse phénoménologique.

» History

Research areas

  1. History of Austro-German phenomenology
  2. History of French phenomenology
  3. Phenomenological approaches to contemporary debates on intentionality, perception, phenomenal consciousness
  4. Introspection, self-knowledge, inner awareness
  5. Phenomenological approaches to issues of philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of logic
  6. Phenomenological methods applied in the social sciences
  7. Phenomenological approaches in psychiatry
  8. Phenomenological and neo-Kantian aesthetics, difference aesthetics

» Research projects