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Research Seminar in phenomenology (University of Liège, May 3-7, 2010)

Topic: Matters of Intentionality.

The research unit "Phenomenologies" of the University of Liège organizes the 4th annual research seminar in phenomenology. The subject this year is "Matters of Intentionality."

Organized over a whole week, the seminar aims at stimulating collaborative research, open to original contributions from Belgian and foreign researchers and academics.

Further information (practical details, registration form) as well as a short presentation of the topic are available on the web page of the seminar.

All submissions (title and abstract) are to be sent with the registration form via e-mail to Arnaud Dewalque (a.dewalqueulg.ac.be). Deadline: December 31, 2009. Acceptance or refusal will be notified by January 15.


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